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Built on Stellar

We are building the Scratch integrated platform on the Stellar network, which we believe provides several key advantages:

Scratch Digital Wallet

Desktop wallets are limiting. Web wallets are vulnerable to hacking. Hardware wallets are not agile. And storing tokens on exchanges is risky. One of the most significant market challenges is the necessity of trust and, therefore, exposure, users must place in centralized financial services in an otherwise decentralized environment. Third party custody risks impact ecosystem sustainability and add vulnerability to manipulation, hacking and regulatory actions.

The Scratch Wallet will solve these challenges described above offering a custody-free platform, allowing users to send, receive and store digital assets and a fully functional decentralized app browser to interact with any decentralized app inside the Scratch application. Private keys are stored on the customer side and are not transferred to the server. Transaction is created on he customer side, with the client application handling all necessary cryptography and transmitting it to the node. And it facilitates adoption by providing users with secure, user-friendly token-management and decentralized app browsing.

The Scratch Exchange Platform – A Hybrid Approach

The Scratch Exchange Platform will be a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency trading exchange with immediate settlement and liquidity, including advanced trading features. We intend to develop a trading platform that is capable of trading tokens or coins that are determined to be securities for purposes of U.S. securities laws. We are in the preliminary stages of development of this platform.

Key to our value proposition and business strategy is that we are building the Scratch platform taking a hybrid approach that offers the best of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges and aims to mitigate, if not totally eliminate the respective drawbacks of the two approaches.